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by Trinidad Jame$

O canAda!!! Woo!! #centerofgravity


Slade Da Monsta!!! Go check that

The Real MVP of Wedding$.

Shoutout to @projectblitzla for being a part of my @camp.james movement. Thank you @theinfader for posting this pic also. Let’s get you on the show boss !!! @solelyghost @theperfectpair and all the people who collections I admire! Let’s Talk!!!

You should appreciate all that we do…. #yourDads


@stankdoodoo_doubleup : 1. Jug master 2 Pharmacist 3 got a verse for any song #teamNoFucks


@treybo2times : 1. Will smoke anywhere 2. Is Gucci mans loss producer 3 Guaranteed to be with a bitch or 2 #teamNoFucks


@thesaucegod : 1. Crazy 2. Texas Trill 3. Addicted to Bass #teamNoFucks


@spook_fo2 : 1. Karate Specialist 2. Women’s Best Friend 3. Real Deal #teamNoFucks


NEVER DRE$$ to impre$$...Dre$$ to KILL!
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