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by Trinidad Jame$

Alabama tho… Roll TIDE!!!

Shoutout this Hero and the meet and greet at Camp Creek #Dtlr


It’s a great persons b day today… My boy @piecegodz keep being great soulja!! Fuck any nigga who don’t wanna believe..

My nigga just premiered his first movie. Hard!! #pinkisthenewblack @whoishalo


Atl has so many perks @chefwoda

Atl TakeOver …..

ATL type of Day.

This look so hard. A real movie !! @iamminglee bout to go UP on y’all ass !!!

Your welcome again…

$till $miling with the homies @croatianstyle x @osose #japan


NEVER DRE$$ to impre$$...Dre$$ to KILL!
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