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by Trinidad Jame$

Due to technical difficulty Camp Jame$ did not get up on time. I am truly sorry and for all fans you will have it soon. I’m really sorry once again.

My nigga ! Ble$$ UP!! @augustalsina

Young boy growing up. Be blessed and live more years boss @jacquees

Camp Jame$ one day away… @askkumtie

Keep the good times rolling !!! #SAE


Just when you think about quitting!!! Remember you ain’t in it by yourself… S/o @myfairsweets for this one…

One Love. Count your blessing$!!! #SAE


This is what life is. Wanna play ? #DontBeSafe


Salute to the b day boy and Producer @treybo2times ….

This album tho…..Thank god everyday and how far I have come. #bless


NEVER DRE$$ to impre$$...Dre$$ to KILL!
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